If you can’t quite figure out why you keep seeing trashing parents on social media, you need to be sent to the back of the class. Obviously those people learned how to raise their kids from their parents and so forth. Even though you can’t help but to laugh at some of their antics, you can’t help but feel scared as well. If the children of these parents grow up to run the country in the future, it may be time to relocate. Here are some of the world’s trashiest parenting moments on social media today.

Gun Control


While most of the country is divided on most things involving gun control, they are pretty unanimous when it comes to children and guns. Teaching a young child how to hold and shoot a gun before they can drive is downright unsettling. Children are still growing and learning about people and the world around them. How are they smart or cognitive enough to understand the full consequences of what happens when you use a gun? Whatever happened to letting children enjoy a safe, happy and gun free childhood? Apparently this parent had other ideas for their child.