Many teen stars peak when they’re young, but some craft Hollywood lives for themselves that go way beyond their beginnings as childhood crushes. What’s their secret? It could be luck, or it could be hard work, but most likely, it’s a combination of both. These stars no longer grace teens’ walls or show up in Teen Beat Magazine, but they’ve created Hollywood careers that have no end in sight.

Michael J. Fox


Michael J. Fox solidified himself as an 80s heartthrob in the sitcom Family Ties (1982-1989) and the long-standing 80s classic Back to the Future. In the former, he played a loveably obnoxious Republican-leaning teen of liberal parents. In the latter, he trades stiff-collared shirts for effortless 80s cool as an aspiring musician and skateboarder. At 5’4”, Fox became a major celebrity crush due to his charismatic personality and boy-next-door appeal. While Fox had a steady career, he stepped away from the limelight a bit in order to make room for a new generation of heartthrobs. However, he’s still a household name, both for his acting and for his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis in 1991. Fox hasn’t let the diagnosis keep him from acting though. He’s been a recurring character on The Good Wife where he doesn’t have to hide his Parkinson’s. Instead, he plays an evil, multifaceted lawyer who uses his own Parkinson’s diagnosis to sway judges and juries alike.