If there is anything the public loves more than a royal, it is to see a royal fall. Hard. Unfortunately, the British Royal Family has given the public a lot to be interested in over the last few hundred years or so. No matter how well kids are trained, or how hard people try to keep their affairs a secret, word almost always gets out. Here is a look at the worst scandals the royal family has dished out in history. Enjoy!


Abdication of King Edward


In one of the British family’s most shocking and Hollywood-inspired moments, King Edward gave up the throne to marry his love, American socialite Wallis Simpson. Edward reportedly did not like having the throne, so it was really a win-win situation for him. Instead of causing political strife by trying to marry and remain king, he dropped the one that didn’t make him happy and clung to the other. The pair lived a seemingly happy life as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and did not part until he passed away in 1972. Now that’s love.