As the British Royal Family, it must be rough to have all your mistakes front and center for the world to see. Regardless, the public seems to really love seeing all these blunders occur. It must be the fact that these people’s lives seem so perfect, and a dose of reality is refreshing for others to witness. As heartless as that sounds, did deep and you’ll realize you like seeing it too. On that note, take a look at these priceless British royal blunders and the messes they created for the family.

Randy Andy


In 1991, Prince Andrew must have been too hot for his britches because he took them off to jump in the pool. His naked bootie (and everything else) was extensively photographed and leaked all over the press. His extramarital exploits earned him the nickname Randy Andy. Unfortunately the moniker is just so darn catchy, and the royal has done little to shed it since then. Lesson for the royal: keep your jewels hidden.