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You come across strangers all day, from bus riders to baristas to pharmacists, and there’s no way to know if the interaction will leave you with a smile on your face or feeling as if there’s no hope for humanity. The idea of interaction with someone you don’t know may even make you anxious or filled with dread. There is no way to completely eliminate interacting with strangers, so you will have to find a way to handle them. Here are ten ways you can get through the awkward conversations, bad attitudes and strange behaviors of strangers.



Part of being an adult is waking up, getting ready and leaving the house for a job or errands you probably don’t want to do. At the very least you’d rather be on the beach, driving through the countryside, or even sprawled on the couch watching TV. Prepare to deal with the world by leaving the house in a good mood whenever possible. Meditate, have a great coffee, or watch a funny Internet cat video—whatever it takes. Your good attitude will help you deal with the people you come across on the way to work or while tackling your list of errands.