As fans, it’s easy to assume that you know all there is to know about certain celebrities. Today more than ever that sense of knowledge is increased because celebs use social media posts to talk about anything and everything from their low-cal vegan breakfast omelet to their deepest, most meaningful life experiences. That’s why it can come as a shock to learn that we really don’t know as much as we think. It’s only been recently that many gay celebs have come out, and some aren’t really bothering to make a big show. So be prepared to be shocked by learning about these 10 celebs you never even knew were gay.

Michelle Rodriguez


As one of the stars of the massively popular Fast and Furious movie franchise, Michelle Rodrigues is a hot commodity. Apparently she’s not limiting her options either. In October 2013 the actress came out in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. She told the magazine that she just does as she pleases and finds both men and women interesting. I’m sure plenty of men and women are now breathing sighs of relief. They all still have a chance!