Whether you are an animal enthusiast or someone who doesn’t really care for pets, there’s something about baby animals that leaves you with a warm and mushy feeling. Sure, puppies, kittens, and foals are cute, but not all baby animals are so adorable looking. Of course, if you’ve ever wondered about what the babies of some of the world’s most popular animals look like, be prepared to scream in horror. Some of these animals should be hidden from the public until they grow into some better looks. Here are eight of the ugliest babies in the animal kingdom.

The Blobfish


This fish is native to Australia and is extremely rare. Although not much is known about this animal, the little that is known includes the fact that it can be found in depths of up to 3900 feet off the coasts of New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania. The blobfish was actually ranked by The Ugly Animal Preservation Society as the ugliest animal of 2013. It looks like a big blob of nothing and has no real defining characteristics except for its huge head.