It is said that the only things in life you can count are death and taxes, but anyone who believes in that obviously didn’t plan on meeting the grim reaper anytime soon. Many people imagine meeting their maker after they’ve lived a long and full life. Unfortunately, some souls are not so lucky. Below are seven of the strangest deaths that have been caused by ordinary everyday objects.

Wedgie – Respect Your Elders and Their Underwear


Sure, bullies have been using wedgies for years as a way to administer punishments and humiliation to their victims, but rarely if ever has a wedgie been used to kill someone until 2013. Brian Davis killed his grandfather Denver St. Clair in a fit of rage by giving him what’s known as the Atomic Wedgie. Mr. Davis knocked Mr. St. Clair unconscious and then pulled the waistband of his underwear over his head and neck to suffocate him to death.

Hold the Dessert Please – Death by Dessert Spoon


While it’s hard to imagine anyone dying because of a dessert spoon, it apparently is not as impossible as it may seem. A little over a decade ago, Richard Clare from Hertfordshire, UK got into an argument and fought with Tim Magee over a cell phone. Apparently Mr. Clare became so enraged that he picked up a dessert spoon off a nearby table and used it to hit Mr. Magee on the back of his head. The blow was administered with so much force that Mr. Magee ruptured an artery and died from an internal brain hemorrhage.