Andy Carroll – Liverpool – $35 Million

Andy Carroll is one of the most useless footballers on the planet. Liverpool fans should bow down and thank Brendan Rodgers for selling him for $15 million. They are lucky they got that. So far since making his transfer to West Ham his goals have cost them $7.5 million each. Andy fell victim to Liverpool making the worst deadline day transfer of all time and paying too much for young British talent. He is still the most expensive British player ever and has done nothing since to justify the price tag. Now West Ham has to deal with him being injured again.

Fernando Torres – Chelsea – 50 million

Remember when Fernando Torres used to be the best striker in the world? Selling Torres was the best decision Liverpool ever made. There seems to be a curse that follows outgoing Liverpool strikers. They never quite perform the way they did back at Anfield. Think about it Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen — Fernando Torres, they all grew spoiled at Liverpool. Then they were sold to another team for a huge transfer fee only to underperform.

The secret is that Liverpool loves their strikers and they build the team around them. Chelsea didn’t do that for Torres and Real Madrid didn’t do it for Owen. Which is why I worry for Luis Suarez. Barcelona doesn’t tolerate flops and if he doesn’t hit the ground running it could be difficult for him. He is an incredible player – when he isn’t biting people – but Barcelona is set up for Messi not Suarez.