They were such cute and adorable babies until they grew up. It’s very common for cute babies and children to grow into super-hot adults. However, some child stars are not so lucky. Some adorable child stars were so popular during their younger years that they had many people fooled into thinking they would turn into Hollywood bombshells once they grew up. Guess you can’t rely on childhood looks to determine how someone will look as they get older. Below are 8 Hollywood child stars who outgrew their cute and attractive looks once they hit puberty.

Haley Joel Osment


Known from his previous roles as Forrest Gump’s son, the leading role in Steven Spielberg’s Artificial Intelligence: A.I. and several other Hollywood blockbusters, Haley Osment was as cute and talented as they come. However, as he began to grow older, his looks started to change. He began to look frumpy. He no longer had the attractive face that would cause fans to flock to the movies. Of course, his looks haven’t stopped him from acting. He has since done a great deal of voice acting and made quite a few appearances in various television series.